SiGe, Si:C, sSOI

The JVX7200 provides is a state-of-the-art capabilities for advanced strain engineering applications for the 32 nm, and beyond, technology nodes.

Jordan Valley's Fast HRXRD technology quantitatively measures the critical parameters of strain, thickness, composition and lattice relaxation of epitaxial layers with unsurpassed precision and speed and is capable of measuring product wafers in-line.

img 20051206160041

FastHRXRD scan around the 004 Bragg diffraction peak of a nominally 500 Å Si(1-x)Ge(x) layer with x = 20.0% grown on a bulk Si(011) substrate.

Conventional HRXRD scan around the Si(004) peak of a 963 Å Si(1-x)C(x) layer with x = 0.98% grown on a Silicon (001) substrate. Epitaxial Si(1-x)C(x) is being investigated for use in selective source/drain areas, enhancing carrier mobility in 32nm and beyond NMOS transistors.