JVSensusLeading Foundry in Asia has adopted Jordan Valley’s new JVSensus™ non-visual crystalline defect detection platform for sub 20nm node process control

Migdal Haemek, Israel, July 2nd 2013

Jordan Valley, a leading supplier of X-ray based in-line metrology and defect detection systems for advanced semiconductor manufacturing lines, announced today that it shipped a JVSensus ™ system to a leading Asian semiconductor foundry  manufacturer, who have implemented the tool as part of its process.

The JVSensus™ system provides non destructive, in-line tool for detection of non visual, crystalline defects (NVD) on patterned or blanket wafers. These defects, such as micro-cracks, slip lines and point defects, may cause a wafer breakage or device failure during rapid thermal processes such as fast laser annealing, and wafer handling induced damage. For more detailed imaging of the defects, JVSensus supports dual resolution and enables non destructive wafer cross-section imaging.

Isaac Mazor, JV CEO said: "We are pleased to have been selected by the leading semiconductor foundry to support their advanced manufacturing yield by detecting and classifying those process-induced defects that may lead to catastrophic wafer breakage.”

“This selection represents the customer's confidence in Jordan Valley's ability to provide a valuable defect detection solution for their demanding applications, trusting the fully automated innovative X-ray imaging system to provide valuable means for yield improvement and good ROI” added Mr. Mazor.

Dr. Paul Ryan, Jordan Valley UK subsidiary manager said: "Advanced technology nodes, particularly 20nm nodes and below, set new yield challenges, partly due to new 3D FinFET structures combined with aggressive thermal processes. These aggressive laser annealing processes increase the importance of any mechanical backside or edge damage, resulting in cracks and an increased likelihood of wafer breakage inside the process chamber. “

“This selection for the JVSensus is evidence that our strategy of turning X-Ray imaging into production worthy defect detection tool, successfully delivers the right product for the benefit of our customers."added Dr. Ryan.

About the JVSensus™ semiconductors production metrology tool

The JVSensus is a fully automated X-ray transmission topography system; enable in-line detection of non visual crystalline defects on patterned or blanket 300mm or 450mm wafers. The system is based on over 15 years of experience in the area of X-ray topography and was designed for fully fab automation and automatic defect detection and classification. The system is based on the 2012 “Best of West” award winner QCTT tool.

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